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  • Sirloin Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks


    Our hand sliced sirloin steaks freshly cut to your order are guaranteed to satisfy. Extra tender and full flavoured, truly the king of steaks. Learn More

  • Frying Steak

    Frying Steak


    Freshly sliced to order, these steaks are perfect for frying or grilling on a BBQ. Learn More

  • Rump Steaks

    Rump Steaks


    Sliced fresh to order, our rump steaks come in gigantic slices ready for the true steak lovers. Deep earthy flavour with a tender consistency. Learn More

  • Ribeye Steaks

    Ribeye Steaks


    Freshly sliced to order. Premium quality ribeye steaks with delicate marbling throughout for a truly succulent flavour that melts in the mouth. Learn More

  • Steak Mince

    Steak Mince


    Our ultra lean steak mince is perfect for those looking for quality in their dishes. Less than 5% fat content means there's more on your plate and less down the sink. Learn More

  • Diced Steak

    Diced Steak


    Extra lean and chunky pieces of diced steak. Ideal for casserole and curry dishes, sliced from premium quality beef. Learn More

  • Salmon Cut

    Salmon Cut


    What has become our signature beef joint, the salmon cut is a tender roast unlike any other. Delicately marbled thanks to a perfected grain feeding process giving beautiful flavour all throughout the joint without sacrificing tenderness. Learn More

  • Top Rump

    Top Rump

    £6.61 per kg

    £0.66 per 100g

    A traditional roasting joint with a deep earthy flavour that lends itself perfectly with any Sunday dinner combination. Learn More

  • Mini Roasters

    Mini Roasters


    Our mini topside roasting joints are ideal for smaller families or occasions. Individually tied and packed we give you two joints fresh to freeze weighing in at 1kg each. Learn More

Items 1 to 9 of 13 total

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