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  • Salmon Cut

    Salmon Cut


    What has become our signature beef joint, the salmon cut is a tender roast unlike any other. Delicately marbled thanks to a perfected grain feeding process giving beautiful flavour all throughout the joint without sacrificing tenderness. Learn More

  • Top Rump

    Top Rump

    £6.61 per kg

    £0.66 per 100g

    A traditional roasting joint with a deep earthy flavour that lends itself perfectly with any Sunday dinner combination. Learn More

  • Mini Roasters

    Mini Roasters


    Our mini topside roasting joints are ideal for smaller families or occasions. Individually tied and packed we give you two joints fresh to freeze weighing in at 1kg each. Learn More

  • Topside


    £8.81 per kg

    £0.88 per 100g

    A traditional slab of roasting beef with delicate marbling and beautiful tender consistency. An unrivalled carving joint for Sunday dinners and traditional beef roasts. Learn More

  • Silverside


    £7.71 per kg

    £0.77 per 100g

    A traditional beef roasting joint with a rich flavour that holds well for carving in Sunday dinners or roasts. Our silverside also boasts a tender consistency throughout without compromising flavour. Learn More

  • Brisket


    £7.71 per kg

    £0.77 per 100g

    An excellent choice for slow roasting to make unrivalled pulled beef that falls apart and melts in the mouth. Our brisket is exceptionally tender yet holds a beautiful rich flavour throughout and is best presented alongside a smooth gravy sauce. Learn More

  • Beef Roasting Joint Special

    Beef Roasting Joint Special



    Our limited stock special offer on quality assured British beef roasting joints where every joint gets a free one alongside! Perfect for a Sunday dinner roast. Learn More

7 Item(s)