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  • Sirloin Steaks

    Sirloin Steaks


    Our hand sliced sirloin steaks freshly cut to your order are guaranteed to satisfy. Extra tender and full flavoured, truly the king of steaks. Learn More

  • Frying Steak

    Frying Steak


    Freshly sliced to order, these steaks are perfect for frying or grilling on a BBQ. Learn More

  • Rump Steaks

    Rump Steaks


    Sliced fresh to order, our rump steaks come in gigantic slices ready for the true steak lovers. Deep earthy flavour with a tender consistency. Learn More

  • Ribeye Steaks

    Ribeye Steaks


    Freshly sliced to order. Premium quality ribeye steaks with delicate marbling throughout for a truly succulent flavour that melts in the mouth. Learn More

  • Steak Mince

    Steak Mince


    Our ultra lean steak mince is perfect for those looking for quality in their dishes. Less than 5% fat content means there's more on your plate and less down the sink. Learn More

  • Diced Steak

    Diced Steak


    Extra lean and chunky pieces of diced steak. Ideal for casserole and curry dishes, sliced from premium quality beef. Learn More

6 Item(s)